6 Things You Should Unlearn From Your Driving Test

The standard test of driving ability is definitely an traditional method that’s seriously in need of an update. So with that in mind, here are six driving test techniques you should forget as soon as you get your license.

Feeding The Wheel.

Feeding the wheel

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The pull push method also known as feeding the wheel, is arguably the most important driving test technique. The idea behind, it is that it allows you to keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

Feeding the wheel is ineffective out of date and in some situations it could be unsafe. Think about that you’re on a country route and you deal with a blind corner, you enter what you believe is a short Curve, but as you turn in the corner actually starts to lowering in distance.

To avoid running wide you need to add more steering lock quickly, but smoothly attempt to pull and push the wheel and you’ll end up making jagged inputs at a point where the car is already unstable, you will therefore crash and probably die.

So instead make sure you keep both hands on the wheel and cross your arms to ensure you add steering input progressively.

Constantly Applying The Handbrake.

The handbrake is your best friend on the UK driving test and almost every time you stop you’re required to use it. Fortunately a lot of road users come to their perception and get rid of this awful practice after they have completed their test.

Constantly Applying The Handbrake

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In reality there’s no need to handbrake every time you come to a halt. If you’re in stop-start traffic for example, the foot brake will usually suffice and if you need to make an emergency stop in a pileup situation, the last thing you should do is apply the handbrake.

Checking Your Mirrors at Predetermined Intervals

Every time you pull away in the road, you should conduct a six-point:

  1. Check where you look over your left shoulder
  2. Checking your left exterior mirror
  3. Check your rear-view mirror
  4. Check the road ahead check your right mirror
  5. Look over your right shoulder.
    In your training it is advisable to form these kinds of checks look extremely obvious to prevent taking on any minor penalties. Our issue with this method, is that often it turns situational awareness into a box ticking exercise.

Not Flashing Other Road Users.

Headlight Flash

The Highway Rule claims that, it is best to just flash your car headlights to allow other road drivers realize that you’re presently there, never flash your car headlights to express any other signals.

For that reason you are unable to flash your car headlights on your driving test and you cannot respond to somebody else flashing their lights towards you. This kind of communication can be-hazardous, However in most situations, we find it to be worthwhile.

Flashing other drivers to give you thanks or allow them to a line of traffic, is a daily event for most of us. And whatever you could have been told, flashing your car headlights is not outlawed.

Speed Is Your Enemy

Controversially the driving test fails to incorporate any form of highway driving. Almost all training take place in crowded towns or cities exactly where the highest speed limit will likely be limited by 30 Mph.

As a result… young drivers often use speed as the enemy. This isn’t a problem on crowded streets, but it can play havoc when it comes to driving on motorways where it’s vital that you accelerate to match the speed of fast traffic when merging.

Unfortunately learner drivers and new drivers often get intimidated and slowed down on on ramps, which can cause chaos.

Constantly Checking Your Speed

Speeding during your driving test can result in instant failure and as a result most learners spend the majority of their assessment staring at the speedometer.

Simply because the driving test ‘s little more than a box ticking training. As long as you’re under the limit you’re deemed to be safe.

Unfortunately this is not the case. If you’re doing the speed limit but not focusing on the road ahead, this is more dangerous than speeding itself. Thankfully the more you drive the more accustomed you become to multitasking.


Using your indicators if you drive a BMW. If after passing your driving test your daddy buys you a sweet BMW, you must drain it’s indicator fluid immediately and only use the pull and flash function of the indicator stalk as a means to show your displeasure for people in lesser cars.

No matter what you learn in your driving test, BMW drivers are not required to indicate.

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