5 Best Used Cars You Should Buy Under $10,000

Have you ever wanted to own a car that just never gives up? Well… why do I need to even ask? of course you do.

That’s why you’re here isn’t it?

So I’ve gathered a list of the five best used cars you can buy. While these cars aren’t the quickest cars or total neck breakers.

They’ll get you to her place. No doubt about it.

Ford Fusion

Coming in at number 5 of used cars that you should buy is the first generation Ford Fusion.

1st gen Ford Fusion

image – reddit.com

Specifically, the 2012 models cashing in under $9,000 these cars are totally inexpensive family saloons. Being named motor trends 2010 car of the year, which is actually quite the achievement.

This car was made for just about everyone, with four different engine options, spoiler.. no it didn’t come in a V8, even though that would have been awesome.

With two V6 options, a four-cylinder variant and even a hybrid four-cylinder model, you have more options than walking into a candy shop, maybe you don’t. You get what I’m saying right? I mean it’s the candy shop.

The enthusiasts special 3.5 liter V6 variant pushes out an impressive 265 horsepower, so if you want to get the practicality of a four-door sedan and an unexpected 0 to 60 time of half seconds. Just snag one of these baddies, they’ve proven to be extremely reliable cars.

Now that Ford has discontinued pretty much everything, excluding Mustangs trucks and SUVs the cost of these used consumer cars has gone down and naturally the value has gone up.

Ford fusions can be found for an awesome deal, but uh, who hates that Ford is discontinued pretty much everything.

Honda Accord

Up next we have the child of one of the most reliable manufacturers the 2012 Honda Accord.

2012 Honda Accord

image – amazon.com

The coolest thing about these cars is that they’ve always had great design cues throughout its years of production always looking sleek and sporty.

These cars have come with a couple of different engine configurations. The four-cylinder option which isn’t my favorite it has proven though that it’s the most reliable and longer-lasting of all of them.

This car can be taken home in a five-speed manual transmission, but you can’t sleep on that V6 either. With almost a hundred horsepower difference between the two, that V6 is definitely one hell of a sleeper 271 horses walk at this par to 60 in just about six second.

It’s the one that has the option for the manual 6-speed transmission and of course with the bigger engine, comes less efficiency and more hoons.

So the gas mileage will suffer, compared to the four banger.

Nine stacks or nine K takes one of these baddies home and you’ll be cruising for many thousands of miles to come. I mean, I’ve seen some of these get up to over three to four hundred thousand miles. It makes me wonder why those Germans can’t figure it out?

Toyota Corolla

All right so you want a car that will run forever, well that’s when you buy a 2012 Toyota Corolla.

2012 Toyota Corolla

image – motortrend.com

Once you get over the fact that these things aren’t the quickest, you’ll soon fall in love with the practicality of the Corolla.

The Corolla was so good and reliable that even cars like the Toyota Matrix, Toyota Celica and even the Lotus Elise share the same four-cylinder engine.

I mean, if it fits why not just put it in everything. The best part about these cars is that they were so popular and widely produced. They’re basically everywhere and finding one is extremely easy.

They fill every crevice of Craigslist and they’re a great value you can easily pick one up for under 10.

The parts are cheap but screw that, you won’t be needing any because they are so well made.

But if you really want to spend a couple bucks, you can go to town with modifying these things, since they’re everywhere. That means there’s a huge aftermarket scene.

Toyota Camry

Well if we’re talking about the Corolla, it’s only fitting we also talked about the 2012 Toyota Camry.

2012 Toyota Camry

image – www.cars.com

With a little bit more punch than the Toyota Corolla, this is America’s favorite car and the ultimate Toyota family hauler.

It’s got plenty of space for all sorts of shenanigans. There just so many reasons why you should get one.

These cars are stupid reliable, see a trend here, they’re also very comfortable, they’re smoother than butter of peanuts. They’re ridiculously affordable making them extremely popular.

In 2011 Toyota sold almost 330 thousand of these cars, making it the best-selling car in America 14 years straight 2001.

They come in both a four-cylinder and V6 option. With the V6 coming in at 270 horsepower, which makes it sleeper number three on this list. These V sixes are pretty damn tempting if I’m gonna be honest.

Honda Civic

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include the 2013 Honda Civic.

2013 Honda Civic

image – motortrend.com

Many of you know that Honda’s are very reliable and well-built cars.

Their motors can take just about anything and I mean anything, in the haunted culture is definitely something else.

Aside from the unusual culture aspect, the 2013 Honda Civic sits on the market at around 12 K. They’re one of the best for buck cars you can get.

It will always start when you crank the motor. They’re zippy and lots of fun, and there is a huge aftermarket scene.

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